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#2 Product of the DayApril 08, 2017
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Parwinder Bhagat
Parwinder Bhagat@parwinder · Software Architect @ Pampered Chef
This has been available for Mac for ages! It's like Rainmeter for Mac.
Tarik Kurspahic
Tarik KurspahicHunter@tariktech · EVP Technology | CTO TeamData
Check out to see what you can do with it...
flowbee-wan@theobserving · developer
This used to spin up the fans on my mbp something fierce back in the day. Is performance better these days?
Mike Way
Mike Way@mikeway3 · IOS, OS X and Web developer, consultant
Blast from the past
Sebastien Barrau
Sebastien Barrau@sebastienb · Co-founder, htmlsig and passpass
Used to love these apps, as soon as i fine some time to set it up i will!