GDPR SOS Kit For Marketers

Complete actionable guide to get GDPR-ready, fast.

The GDPR SOS Kit for Marketers is a 3-week action plan to get your business ready for GDPR before it’s too late.

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Hi 👋 Pretty excited to share with you this GDPR SOS kit for Marketers powered by Mailjet. GDPR is coming and if you are not compliant yet, you should implement quickly some marketing changes in your company. This free guide will lead you through the GDPR jungle. You can download it now. I'm sure that Julie and Michyl will be happy to help if you have any questions. Cheers!
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Lot of great information there. Thanks!
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@csaba_kissi Thank you, glad you like it! ✌️
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Kinda cutting it close don't you think? 😅 Good info though
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@cprins_ totally cutting close. Probably perfect timing actually.
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@cprins_ glad Hey there, glad you like! We ourselves have been compliant since earlier this year. But you'd be surprised how many people aren't 🙈If you have any feedback on the kit don't hesitate!
Great job!! 😊 Will check it out!!
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@ayush_chandra Thanks so much Ayush!
Days before being compliant is bit late if your trying to Educate your clients. I went elsewhere. #refresh
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