Grow your brand with deep analysis on social media

Stop measuring vanity metrics. Gatekeepr leverages AI to understand texts and images your brand and competition publish on social media.
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Brands struggle to make the shift to audience-driven brand development because the people who design and create products/services/experiences don’t have access to the data they need. Surely Facebook (among others) provides a lot of data but the meaning of each KPI is not often clear across marketers, social media managers, company executives, etc. As a result, most brands today are rich in data, but poor in insights. We’ve put together more than 35 years experience helping brands and Artificial Intelligence to build Gatekeepr. While most softwares using AI focus on what the customer says on social media, Gatekeepr focuses on how brands tell stories on and how people react to them.
Great product! Love the look of the automated content calendar. Would be interested if it's all to source images from existing libraries like Unsplash.
Hi @lachlankirkwood, thanks for your interest in our automated content calendar. We're still building this feature so your request is not too late! It's an interesting idea that we'll consider with the team.
@jeremc Nice, looking forward to it.
How would you differentiate it from other social media analytics tools ?
Hi @mikedane7, this is a question that we have very often. Most of social media analytics are only looking at # shares, comments, rections without looking at the content (topics and creative). Gatekeepr does both. Now, we are using that to provide the best content calendar for the brand using the product.