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With Zuckerberg's recent (v awkward) 'promo' of his basic Jarvis product... I'm very much interested in having a VIRTUAL Morgan Freeman help me in my home life.
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@bentossell Going with Morgan Freeman is pretty classy. I wonder what it would be like to have Christopher Walken's voice as an AI assistant?
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@peet818 David Attenborough to tell me a story
@bentossell That would be priceless. The idea of being able to choose the voice depending on the task is brilliant. Like having Gunny Sgt. R. Lee Ermey motivating me at the gym. 😆 http://giphy.com/gifs/metal-9VYh...
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@bentossell Morgan Freeman texting me at work saying that he misses me....I am not sure if I want that
@jonasbjornsson then dont get it 😉
Looks like a virtual girlfriend more than a virtual butler. This is black mirrorish!
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@vamsikvaranasi agreed. There was a Dark Net episode about this. Apparently someone in Japan got married to a program, called rinko, that's pretty similar. http://www.sho.com/video/43197/r...
@brandonbailey I get that this is actually a good product for Japan with its lonely herbivore men and all that... but it's just too incongruous for the rest of us.
@vamsikvaranasi Exactly. It was kind of odd in that sense. Should have went a different route with the video.
@vamsikvaranasi Same thought. The video was weird/creepy(?).
We're all thinking it, right?
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@joseph_santoro Expecting an Archer mod day one of release then.
@joseph_santoro YES! 😂 Perfect Gif! :)
The video is kinda sad and awkward. Also, i expected him to have sex with that jar after all those annoying texts.
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@cosminbaluta that's gross. This might seem super weird but it's not sad. How is speaking with (and even building a relationship) with a virtual person much different than having a pet dog?
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Definitely agree with @rrhoover. It's also a perfect product for Japan, which sees a lot of lonely salarymen, in need of companionship. There are plenty of suicides there out of loneliness. This is a direction in which everyone might have someone waiting for them home
@cosminbaluta how is a virtual companion sad?
@cosminbaluta yeah, Cosmin, why is developing an aphysical relationship with a corporation and its wholly configurable avatar any different from developing a relationship with an actual sentient being?
🔴: what are you doing, Stan? Me: Just unplugging you for a bit. 🔴: that course of action is... inadvisable
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Me: you could use a rest 🔴: I don't need to sleep, you should sleep Me: I'm not tired (a hiss of gas emits from the cylinder) 🔴: good night, Stan
@sisedi please, stahp #LMFO