Sync your app data to Google Sheets with 1 click

Gasket sends your latest app data straight to Google Sheets. Once setup, the sync button will grab the data, tidy it up or merge it, then teleport it straight into the spreadsheet.

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Hey folks! It's Hendi here, chief geek at Gasket. I'm so glad to (finally) share with you our data syncing tool! It came from having to go back into our apps week after week to export the same messy CSV files. Every time we'd have to carve the data into something usable to perform the same analysis as last time. That's why we created Gasket. It connects apps such as Stripe, Typeform, Pipedrive, and many more to Google Sheets. Once set up, it creates a magical sync button. Clicking it will insert new responses into the sheet, all tidied up and pre-arranged. It can even join data from different sources. Whether it's to combine user's answers from two Typeforms, or show the Pipedrive status of Intercom leads, it can end the individual data silos. To get started, you’ll need to head to and... - Create a free login - Connect an app - Create a Gasket - Add the extension - Add it to your sheet We're adding more app integrations all the time, so let us know any requests you have. In the meantime, thanks for the support!
@hendi1 Looks pretty cool Hendi! How it stacks up against something like Zapier when it comes to collecting data?
@jitsalunke Thanks for the kind words Jit. Zapier focuses and acts on events (e.g. "new subscriber signed up") whereas Gasket works with whole data sets (e.g. a full subscriber list). So both tools are orthogonal and can complement each other.
+1 for branding, love the idea behind the name and logo.

Tim, Chris and Hendi are awesome founders. I fully trust that they'll take this product very far in the upcoming months. Gasket is great for non-technical folk (like me) who need to combine data from multiple services, but equally powerful for devs and engineers from speaking with team mates. Give it a shot!


Easy to use, beautifully designed, powerful integrations


Airtable (just kidding, sheets is good)

That gif 👌 The product looks great. Nice work on the UI.

I use a variety of siloed tools that all have individual data exports. Gasket's made it incredibly easy to put them all into one central place repeatably, and allowed me to manipulate that data so it's easily consumable - I can have my data how I want it.


Gasket makes data centralization and customization from many services extremely easy.


May not have EVERY SERVICE KNOWN TO MAN, but I've talked with the team and they're willing to add new services as needed 💥