Gary Vee Sneakers

The official Gary Vaynerchuk sneakers

Super excited about the release of these awesome kicks. What better day to drop your kicks, than on your own birthday!

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I hope Gary and other entrepreneurs will realise that simply making yet more money is never ever going to fill their heart with joy. Please let's try to use our time and energy more wisely and help others and the planet. We can definitely come up with better ideas than launching a plastic product with animal skin in 2017 :(
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@zorzini Chill bro, it's just a side hustle.
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@zduboss yup but a side hustle can improve some people's lives (other than our own) if we put this intention in it rather than only think of making more $$$ for ourselves :)
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@zduboss people like Gary can do that so others like us can become inspired and follow their example
@zorzini not sure about the animal skin claim, but having consumed Gary's content for quite awhile, I'm fairly certain Gary doesn't give a shit about the money and spends most of his time trying to help others.
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@zorzini Gary repeats daily that he isn't in it for the money. He says he wants to buy the New York Jets, but he's also said that the chase is more fun than anything. If he never buys the Jets, it doesn't matter. It's the drive to do it that motivates him. Gary cares more about motivation than money. Don't go after a guy if you don't know what he's about. That's not right.
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As I'm sure Gary himself would rather create his future his own way, I too will make my future in my own shoes. You are you, not Gary V.
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@danielkempe Fucking nailed it, bro.
Why K-Swiss? Wouldn't it be better to have, ahem, Gary Vaynerchuk Taylors? 🕶
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@chopeh i see what you did thereeeee...
@chopeh best.. comment.. period. I was going to go for Gary Balances or VaynerMe Air, but you sir, wins. K-Swiss is a weird-what? name though..
“There’s a lot of shit I wish I was. I just figured out what I was and what I liked, and then I just fucking outworked you. And I will always outwork you because I love the game more than the stuff. You just have to understand that... you can’t beat me because I want to do it every second that I’m breathing.” - G➰〰️🖊 @garyvee congrats ✌🏽
For anyone who was having trouble purchasing these on the K-Swiss site last night, I highly recommend trying the website again before going on eBay. The prices on eBay are silly right now due to bad product rollout at midnight. Happy Birthday, young man @garyvee.