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Thanks a lot - so much looking forward to all the feedback! Please sign up for free and use the promo code we've provided on our homepage to the Product Hunt community. We created Gamewheel to make it easier for startups to engage their target customers on mobile. We know how hard it is to raise awareness about a new business. At the same time, having worked on many game projects in the past (e.g. under the brand Toywheel), we understand the power of games to engage people’s attention, especially on mobile. We think every startup should have access to this power for their marketing. So far we’re seeing some really promising results. The first marketing campaigns our customers ran using games created with Gamewheel showed a 30% reduction in customer acquisition costs. We’re looking forward to helping exciting startups and entrepreneurs cut through the noise. And if you have any comments or questions about our product, we always love getting feedback! Best regards, Evgeni
@ekouris This is such a cool idea! Games make everything better!
it's about time advertising became fun... :)
@lalleclausen check this out - would love to hear your feedback!
Thanks a lot @jakecrump @bentossel for your support - would love to see what kind of games you're able to build using gamewheel