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Greetings fellow Hunters! Benny here, co-founder of Gamester. After many iterations i feel like it's finally time to present Gamester to the world. I am a gamer, unfortunately not many of my friends are. Still i didn't want to play my favorite games online, with random strangers. So me and my friends, decided to build a cool way to meet like minded gamers. Gamester is intended to be a unique mobile service designed especially for gamers, focusing on their social needs. In a nutshell Gamester lets you: -Create your own gaming profile, include the games you play, tell other gamers about your experience with them - Matchmake with gamers your age, locally, playing the same games you do - Discover new games using reviews and rating contributed by app users - Use public chats and private messages to socialize with other gamers I hope me and my colleagues can answer any questions about Gamester, and will gladly read any feedback sent our way.
Sounds cool, will check it out @b_benis