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This is pretty awesome! I was an assistant pro for a while and once had a spreadsheet of data like this that I would enter after every round I played. The price tag seems a bit steep, but golfers are a different type of consumer than most. I remember people coming into the golf course to buy the latest new driver each year when what they really needed was golf lessons!
@rrhoover lips are sealed. @lylemckeany well said, form over equipment. @KristoferTM do it!
Quantified golf! I might buy this for my gold fanatic parents (don't tell them, ok?).
This looks awesome. Have a feeling I'll be ordering in the near future
@KristoferTM have you bought this? excited to try this out!
@davidlee I ordered one for a friend actually. Will give him a buzz and see what he's thought so far
@KristoferTM I'm curious, as well.