Game for Cats

The world's greatest video game for cats (not humans)

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Hey everyone, we just released "Game for Cats" for Android today (alongside iOS) and thought it would be fun to share here. This game started as a joke between my partner TJ and I a few years ago, but it's turned out to be a serious form of pet enrichment. We've gotten so much feedback from shelters, animal behavioralists, and pet owners about how this game has helped their cats be more active and engaged. A funny thing is, it's not only cats that play this game but also dogs, penguins, and a pigeon. For example, a marine biologist at the Aquarium of the Pacific lets penguins play this game and she claims it helps their sex drive (not joking). In any case, happy to be here and glad to answer any questions.
@eigenjoy I love how the dog just looked at it and said not for me.
This is so awesome and cute ! :)
This is amazing. @eigenjoy could you share more about how this is being used with penguins? What's the best surprise you've seen during this game's development? Do different animals seem to have favorite levels that vary by species?
@staringispolite For more on the penguins, checkout: (includes video). The best surprise is when people have a real heartfelt connection to their pets because of the apps. Let me give you an example: we have another app where a cat makes a painting while they chase the mouse. This is probably my favorite review of that app: "I had my mother's cat paint a picture with this app. I printed it out, had it framed and gave it to my Mom for her birthday. She was so happy that she cried. This painting is the first thing she shows her friends when they come over. We even printed one out to have printed on a T-shirt for my mom. I think her cat knows he did something special for my Mom. Way to go've done it again." (app store screenshot of review:
@eigenjoy Wow, that's such a heartwarming story from such a "silly app". Go Hiccup!

cute cat.


haha it's cute.