Game Artist Hunt

10 hand-picked freelance game artists every week

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Hi everyone! I’m the co-founder of Game Artist Hunt. As game developers, we have difficulties finding best-fit freelance game artist for our games. They are either hard to find or not enough information about the artist were available. So we basically present all the necessary information that you need to hire a freelance game artist in one place. For example, to know what tools the artist use in creating the game arts and animations would be convenient for you to modify the work later on, especially for the animations. Also, showing the artist starting hourly rate avoids unnecessary communication, since everyone has a different amount of budget. Game Artist Hunt presents a list of 10 game artists per week that are hand-picked by us. Each list will be posted on our website for 4 weeks. We do not interfere with the negotiations and do not collect any fee. Just click the contact button to shoot a message to an artist you want to work with. We’d love to hear what you think, features you wish it was there, suggestions, anything! Glad to be here :)
@herinkc Thanakron here, I’m also the co-founder of Game Artist Hunt. We're very excited to be here! Ask us anything :D
Very Handy for app Developers and app creators like me :)
@ilyashassani Glad you like it! We are always open for feedbacks and suggestions :)
Awesome site! Will definitely use in the future. Would prefer a lightbox vs a link to dribbble...found myself opening and closing windows non-stop. Possibly a bit more about the artist themselves as well. Other than that I think it's great.
@raydawg88 Thank you for the feedback Ray! We did think the tabs/windows might be annoying and the idea of having a lightbox instead sounds awesome. We are also trying to fit more information into the UI and possibly bigger pictures too. We will definitely make improvement to the site to serve user experience as we iterate. Really appreciate your feedback!
Great work in supporting the indie game industry! Hope you guys have a spot at conventions and best of luck.
@manda_auror Thank you very much, Amanda! If you have any suggestions or feedback, we’d love to hear them :)
Great initiative but it hasn't been updated since the first week