Helpdesk and tasks in one place

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Helpdesk & Task Manager In One Place


Answer tickets created by customers

Manage company employees tasks

Create tasks from tickets in two clicks

Handle your emails as tickets


Create tickets and get answers from companies

Get support from many companies

in one account

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Leo Ma
Leo MaMaker@gtohead · Galmato
Hi everybody We would like to introduce you our new project called Galmato - Helpdesk and Task Manager In One Place Briefly - why we did it? There are two main advantages in our service First - for companies we offer not just only helpdesk but also task manager - in one place Usually company has to use two different services to do what we offer in one - for example BaseCamp|Asana etc + Freshdesk|Zendesk etc Moreover its not just helpdesk plus task manager - separately but in one place - there is an opportunity to link helpdesk ticket with tasks manager task - check out here - so you can create task from ticket with just two clicks and always know which ticket was the reason for certain task Second - for customers we offer opportunity to get helpdesk support from as many companies as possible in one account - once registered customer can add different helpdesk projects from different companies - no need for customer to register many times if company is participating in Galmato Check out how projects are being created by companies here and how projects are being added to customer account here If you have questions - we are glad to answer
Dainis Kanopa
Dainis Kanopa@dainiskanopa · Daily Insight, CEO
@gtohead As I understand there is no pricing setup yet? The Product is free just for a while, right?
Leo Ma
Leo MaMaker@gtohead · Galmato
@dainiskanopa Dainis it is absolutely free right now - and we guess will be for a reasonably long time - there are only limitations to number of helpdesk | task projects and number of managers - but we can raise these numbers by request We need to collect a number of customers | companies to setup pricing - to understand how much money we spend to define the most appropriate pricing for our customers
Jason Cutler
Jason Cutler@jasonology
I know names are hard to choose, but my manager is very sensitive to them and this one sounds more like a dessert coffee.
Leo Ma
Leo MaMaker@gtohead · Galmato
@jasonology Well thats not the worst impression - isn't it? ))