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Gallerink is your tattoo inspiration from sorted galleries by styles and categories. Just open the app and find exactly what you need, without ads and any paid content. All the best tattoo collections and artists on one place. The easiest way to get new tattoo

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I just got my first tattoo a few weeks ago - really like this new app that helps me explore styles and artists because I'm definitely getting more :)
@bramk pics please! 😊
@rrhoover Shouldn't we ask where the tattoo is first? 😄
Hey Product Hunters, Nice to meet you all! We’ve been working on Gallerink the last 8 month and finally our app is shipped. Starting from today the application is available on the App Store. Gallerink was developed by tattoo lovers for tattoo lovers. The app provides an opportunity to study different styles of execution and possible locations of tattoos on the body, as well as share your own tattoos. The main features of the app are well organized galleries by styles and categories, also you can enjoy this app without ads and paid content. To access all the materials that are in the app, you just need to fill out a short sign up form and immediately start using it. Gallerink is available on the App Store: More information you can find on our website: With any questions or issues, you might have please contact our team at: Denis Lunyov, Founder of Gallerink
@lunyovdenis Looks brilliant! ⚡️
@alexpazhyn thanks 🤘🏼
hah! This is one of those moments when you see an idea come to life that you thought about a while ago. I personally do not have tattoo's but I talked about this idea at a Startup Weekend last year. Did some minor market research and didn't really see it. I thought of it like a Pinterest only for the tattoo community. I find it fascinating how many tattoo parlors there are in my city and how they are able to stay in business and compete against each other. I also noticed tattoo's are just not huge elsewhere when I traveled around. I didn't see a lot of people with tattoo's in Latin America, Europe or Asia during my travels. I think the market is really glorified and accepted here in the US. Now that my vent is over, here are my thoughts! During my small market research I did on this idea, I got a lot of feedback to make sure that it feels like it's the tattoo community but just virtualized. I love the approach of using pure images. I barely see buttons/words here and I love that. Your work looks beautiful! As people post their tattoo's, I assume they can be archived by body parts, gender, color and more. Without digging too much into it, I also think there is a great opportunity for you to monetize the app and give tattoo parlors a business page. They already leverage instagram to show off their artists and this has been a game changer for parlors. All of a sudden I have friends that will travel from Florida to North Carolina because they found the perfect artist for them. This all of a sudden it becomes a strong platform for tattoo shops to make a more national and international push to attract customers to their door. If you can categorize the tattoo shops by location in the sense of US Region or State, you can see a nice incentive for the parlors to be featured. Then all of a sudden, this place becomes a huge searchable database for prospective people who want their first or several tattoos! Congrats on the launch! Love seeing ideas come to life :)
Wow! Thank you for your kind words.
I couldn't sign up. Few times I've tried however couldn't succeed. (upper letters, just numeric etc passwords didnt work at all) / FB Login would be cool to avoid drop off on sign-up flow.
thank you, @nkirkan. please write to our support email.
Love it!! Great place to share tattoos and get ideas
thank you, @carlos_sanchez1101. Have you already tried it?