Mini social networks for all your personas

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Each of us in our lives have different personas - you are a different person with your friends, your family, your partner. However, the social networks we use today do not allow for these small tweaks and distinctions in our personality. They’re pretty flat, and don’t enable the spectrum and depth of our different personalitie. Galaxia allows us the freedom to express all our different personas.
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@ayeletnoff tnx for the hunt 😉
The branding is so mysterious. 😊 People used to be so cautious sharing their identity online, concealing them behind usernames and personas. Facebook is largely responsible for shifting to a more personal, identity-based Internet. I draw interest to products that go against the popular trend. Where did the idea first come from, @moshehogeg?
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@rrhoover one of my good friends told me that his favorite holiday is Halloween because he can put on a mask and be really him, without thinking what people think... so basically every one of us has many different personas inside, I felt that because when I write my opinion about things I always need to think 10 times because of who will read them, what will be the effect etc...
@rrhoover @moshehogeg I agree that these approaches are interesting — but they rarely seem to take off (witness: Secret, Google+, Persona,, Ello, etc). I like the design of the site — but who is this aesthetic/design ultimately targeted to? Chic techie hipster wannabes? I don't wanna h8, I just wanna understand the thought process here, and which set of people the creators are intending to use this.
@chrismessina good notes, in the end I don't think that the question is whether there's a need but more a question of execution, I see it as an interesting experiment and we trying different social structure to be better then the ones you've mentioned, please give it a try and tell me what you think
@shoemates I'm assuming the question was for me, thank you, we worked hard to make it special, me my team build it, we're fully booked 😉
@moshehogeg @shoemates I think it's awesome you're taking another stab at it. Oftentimes it's just about timing — and right now might be the right moment for this. I was just curious if there's a specific set of people that you hope will use/benefit from the multiple persona feature.
Love it!!!
Beautiful design, cool interface, perfect animations! Love the idea to create my own social network!
Also check out the website It's a nice one 😉