Capture B2B leads on AngelList, CrunchBase and LinkedIn

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#3 Product of the DayFebruary 21, 2016
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David Carpe
David Carpe@passingnotes · Thinker & Layabout
what would be great is a video example on the home page. maybe use your own company or PH and show how a lead is sourced, captured and displayed or something like that...looks very interesting
Aamer Jomaa
Aamer Jomaa@aamerjomaa · Co-founder @ Boosted Jobs
@passingnotes +1. I would love to see an example of how the product works before I sign up. I'm a little hesitant at the moment
Danny Fiorentini
Danny Fiorentini@dannyfiorentini · Founder of @MuzeekHQ
Alan Hamlett
Alan Hamlett@alanhamlett · Founder of WakaTime
Emil Hajric
Emil HajricHunter@emil_hajric
We use it at Helpjuice, and it's brought us $13k in MRR so far
Darren Bounds
Darren Bounds@dbounds · CEO, Founder @ Breezy HR
With how much spent?
Brett@seebretttweet · ME
Interested to see how this works as I spend a decent chunk of time scouring through Crunchbase and AngelList.
James Li
James Li@jameslidotcom · CEO, Encore Alert
Love this! There are a lot of lead gen outsourcing services out there, but for companies that want to keep it in-house, it seems to serve our workflow well. Can't wait to try it!
Emil Hajric
Emil HajricHunter@emil_hajric
Ryan Sacha
Ryan SachaMaker@ryansacha · Product maker, Developer / UI Designer
@jameslidotcom Thanks James! Emil has been one of our first alpha testers and it worked out well for him - ping me when you want to try it out:
Néstor Palao
Néstor Palao@nrpalao · Cofounder at
Looks great, good luck on the launch! Currently looking for lead gens for email marketing campaigns and seems there are no really good products regarding UX/UI, Gainful could be the solution
Ryan Sacha
Ryan SachaMaker@ryansacha · Product maker, Developer / UI Designer
@nrpalao Thanks Nestor! I do agree - UX is huge when you have to use the product regularly so we really try to hammer on that :)