A carry-on you always push forward

The SIX pushed carry-on bag that ends the struggle and effort of rolling, to the point where it's almost autonomous.
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1 Review5.0/5
I was a backer of the first G-RO carry-on that featured super big wheels, making the center of gravity a bit different and more comfortable. Still have the bag to this day and enjoy it. The changes to the SIX are really interesting and clever. Definitely something worth checking out!
Finally a bag that glides like a figure skater over smooth surfaces but ALSO rolls effortlessly over any terrain. Over curbs, over cobblestones, over carpeting. Smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside; fits in every overhead bin, and it rolls down the narrowest airplane aisle. LOVE IT!
I love it when product designers are so damn smart with solutions to almost every problem. I really think that this is the best carry-on bag I have ever seen! I want it! I'll get it!