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Fynoti is the most cost effective home, personal and neighborhood security solution on the market.

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Hey Product Hunters! Thanks Kevin William David for hunting us. We can't wait to have a feedback from you, guys! About Fynoti. The idea of Fynoti was born in 2016. We decided to build a security system that would combine home, personal and neighborhood security in one kick-ass solution, and it should be affordable for (almost) everybody. Now, one year later we have a working prototype and launched a crowdfunding campaign. Also, we released a beta version of Fynoti app on Google Play and App Store. Fynoti is a revolutionary $9 home alarm system, with extra features. • Controlled via App • It's completely wireless • F.E.R.N (Fynotis Emergency Response Network) Allows you to create a network with people who live nearby you, and send them Shouts (when you see something suspicious in your area) and Panics (when you, or someone else is in danger) . • More than 30 interchangeable covers • Battery lifetime is up to a year! • Schedule the time when it should automatically be turned ON or OFF. • And much more. Our campaign is successfully funded on Indiegogo, 181% of its goal, but we still have a month to go! Can't wait to get your feedback, product hunters!
Additionally, a Game Of Thrones star Haftor Julius Bjorssson (The Mountain) helps our startup to grow. He agreed to be a part of our promotional video, and also he spread a word about Fynoti on his Facebook and Instagram accounts.
So this thing doesn't call the police or a security dispatcher if something goes wrong? I get the cost effectiveness angle but neighbors aren't always the best option. It feels like this would complement a home security system rather than being one on its own. An Alexa integration might be one way to improve this in the future.
@shortformernie It blasts a loud siren when someone breaks to your house. We think that neighbor is the best option to check whats happening, if you are on vacation, for example. We don’t encourage people to confront an intruder themselves but merely to contact the authorities if he witnesses a break-in.
@melkonyanrob I realize that the alarm is of value and neighbors can help, but a lot of security systems offer this feature, so its absence is noticeable. Additionally, not every neighborhood has friendly neighbors, or you might be new to the neighborhood. I don't mean to criticize your product, just to point this out. I personally use SimpliSafe, which I think has a lot of weaknesses (they refuse to integrate with IFTTT, for one), and pay $15 a month for a service that will call a dispatcher.
@shortformernie. Thank you for your feedback, criticism is always good as it makes you think about how you can improve your product/service. There is no doubt that systems that calls the police or a security dispatcher automatically are great. We have those systems in Denmark (where we are based) as well but the problem is that there is a HUGE group of people that can't afford it or just ain't willing to pay for it due to high price tag. We made Fynoti for those people :) Regarding the neighbors. You are in total control over your Fynoti, if you want to connect your alarm to others (friends, family, neighbors) then you should of course only connect with people you trust. We can happily say that Fynoti will work with 3rd party solution such as IFTTT service. Have a great day Ernie!
Superb , A great idea of efficient use of resources and effective end results.Even it is affordable , that is the important point to look upon .
@maryadaline05 Thank you for your support! Glad you like our product!
@maryadaline05 - Thank you. We believe that creating a strong community with people in your neighborhood will decrease the crime rate in your area. Actually here in Denmark neighborhood watch communities are a huge thing and the authorities have been encouraging people to join them as they can see a huge decrease in burglary in the areas that have active neighborhood watch communities. Our Shout! feature in the app automatically connects people in the same area together and gives them the opportunity to warn each other about suspicious activities in the neighborhood. I hope you'll give it a try :) Have a wonderful day!
Not being able to see what's going on when it's triggered seems like a major problem. Also for $11 more you can get WyzeCam (https://www.wyzecam.com).
@thenathanruff - WyzeCam have been getting some good reviews and I truly believe that is is a great product! (I haven't tested it myself though.) To keep the cost down we decided to drop the camera, but with the benefits of Fynoti (The alarm, connection to neighbors, price, neighborhood watch, wireless etc...) you could probably get a kick-ass security system that fits your needs, if you would make Fynoti trigger WyzeCam when the alarm is activated! .....and for only $29! :) All the best!