Smart card with EMV chip

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as somebody who was totally infatuated with the other cards (plastc, coin, etc) but watched each and every one of them die, i really hope this one works out. best of luck
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@thewrongjoshua But why is this one any different?
@theleovogel i can't say i know. but if what they are saying is true, i'm optimistic
As someone who built one of these...why....why would you still be going after this? The payments industry is never going to allow you to put more than 1 card on that EMV chip. #insiderKnowledge
@itsthisjustin What company did you work on? Why won't they let you? What would you say to someone trying to make these cards? I have so many questions.
@zduboss I started/co-founded http://wocketwallet.com (no longer there). The card providers don't want to co-exist on the same chip. There's also technical issues that make it complicated. Outside of that, I wouldn't suggest anyone build a payment "card" anymore. Issuers are trying to get away from the physical archetype of cards. They are looking to push technology into other devices as well as not compete with their own card business. I could go on for hours about everything we learned building Wocket.
@itsthisjustin a medium post or something would be amazing, to be honest. I always wondered why these seemingly wonderful gadgets could never ship. Hearing the inside story would be awesome.
@zduboss I'd have to investigate the legality of saying certain things. I will say, Wocket shipped, and works. It's magstripe only though so it's hit or miss where you can use it because of chip requirements. The biggest thing with the payments industry is that I could make the cooliest thing ever today AND ship it, and if it's not what's currently being accepted or a hack around it (Samsung Pay), it just flat out won't work OR be accepted. Payments are just way too sensitive of an industry. We struggled just to get merchant acceptance for something that worked completely fine on a technical level. But you hand someone a card without embossed numbers and a Visa logo on it and Mr Gas Station employee isn't going to take it no matter how much you swear it's your legit Mastercard
One question: PLASTC ?
@quicon My thought exactly, better to wait until they are actually shipping rather than save $10 and lost everything.
We've seen plenty of these come and go, and they even call out the competitors about why they're "impossible" would like to hear about why they're design and manufacturing process is so different.
@kristofertm I actually reached out to these guys awhile ago since I got scammed by Plastc. Supposedly they have them ready to ship in July, already final. My main fear is the reality of getting EMV relationships with banks. Is useless these days without EMV working. I have Coin, can't use it at 90% of places now since they all need me to input chip instead of swipe...also Coin's single magnetic strip has its extra problems. Fuze is saying their swipe usage is more like Samsung Pay (LoopPay), which should make swipe reliable but without EMV still wouldn't work for all the times we need to input the card to have the chip read. So in the end, they have a final version of a card better than Coin, but until they have EMV partnerships they aren't offering their features which are the more "impossible" to pull off...though they are saying the hardware is working, which is further than Plastc got.
@bradungar Very interesting to hear. I had pre-ordered SWYP but they've been very absent on updates and communication which is never a good sign. I also didn't know the complexities of EMV working on a card. That's obviously an important part of trusting a product like this to follow through on their product.
@kristofertm Yeah, I initially was going to order card now with EMV combo just to feel good and get an actual product in hand...but changed my mind when I realized the only thing I really need now is one of these multi-card options that actually works with EMV. I signed up for EMV version...knowing that if they don't deliver I will do as I did with Plastc and get refund from credit card company...if you buy, get with credit card.
@bradungar @kristofertm These are just rebranded BrilliantTS bPay (http://bpay.brilliantts.com/preo...) cards. It seems pretty shady. I've talked to someone who has one of the bPay cards, supposedly they work! Just buy this from Brilliant, these guys do not seem right.
@zduboss from what I have seen found and heard, was on one of their surveys a couple weeks ago it seems they are rebranding/making more US exciting branding. In IndieGogo they show that bPay is the app they use.
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