An app that let's you record messages to your future self

Futurospective is a simple app that lets you record a timecapsule - a message that will be available to you in the future.

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This is the beta version of Futurospective, an application that lets you record message that will be available to yourself in the future (like a timecapsule). Why? Well, I tend to always write bucket lists on pieces of paper and lose them soon after. Sometimes I find an old one and I'm always surprised by the goals that I set for myself some months before. So I decided to try something. What would happen if I were to use a better medium (my phone) to record my current thoughts and make them available to me in the future. So far I've been using it to help me keep track of my thoughts on a monthly basis. The application is also open source and the code lives at https://bitbucket.org/futurospec.... Feel free to have a look at it if you're interested in building apps with React Native. I've also written an account of the experience of building a mobile app entirely in JS at https://medium.com/@stenpittet/l... - Hopefully that will help others.
Awesome, just downloaded this. I'm a big journal writer so this is a fun and more interactive way of "looking back" and recording past experiences.
Thanks @peter_enestrom, it's great for me to hear about other people's use of it. Personally I've recorded a few motivational speeches to myself because I know I have a tendency to periodically doubt myself (imposter syndrome something something) ๐Ÿ˜….