Send you and your friends photos in the future

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Hey friends, Just finished building Futurecam as a side project - it’s a camera app that lets you send photos to yourself and friends in the future. I’ve been having a blast with it over the past few weeks. Rather than dive into features / use cases, check out the video below if you want to learn more or just download the app. Video Demo:
App: https://appsto.re/us/ZpxS8.i For the lazy among us, sign up is a single screen :) And holler at me here we the goodness that is early adopter feedback! Will
Just watched the video, LOVE the UX. Great job. On behalf of myself and all other Android users, we're waiting...
@avizuber Totally waiting for an Android version. This looks like so much fun for future stuff. Like, you know Monday is going to suck, send yourself funny selfies to yourself and friends. Love it!
@rutgerteunissen @avizuber future mondays need not be selfieless rutger. you can be the change you wish to see in the world.
Nice work, @willydennis, and I especially like the dragging interaction to specify the time. This would have been useful during Outside Lands this past weekend (many photos were taken with friends). When you first told me about the app, you said it was a side project. What do you do if it takes off?
@rrhoover sell! Haha. Honestly not sure. Building the right consumer thing is tough. So if it takes off i'd spend a lot of time thinking about how not to mess it up while taking maybe slightly more time thinking about how to take more risks and go bigger with the product. Selling isn't as fun as building a lasting company or brand so ideally it's the latter. But for now, it's a side project and active experiment. Near term though I want to throw video in this puppy.
Awesome job Will! I love the slingshot interface.
@gohnjanotis you da real mvp john
Why didn't you give this to me last week? I need a balloon selfie right about now. WTF
@sistanisays haha i should have!! upload one from your camera roll? your future self will be stoked