Future Unfolding

Explore a procedural world, both beautiful and dangerous

Future Unfolding is surreal action adventure that is all about exploration.

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@plichta This game looks absolutely gorgeous! Very excited for it!
@jakecrump thanks a lot!
This is one of the most adventurous games I've was ever allowed to playtest! Love everything about it.
@adriaandejongh We love you too, Adriaan. ;)
We announced the PS4 version of Future Unfolding today as well: http://blog.eu.playstation.com/2...
@andreaszecher That's awesome! It sounds like there's an incredible amount of detail in the game with players being able to interact with so many objects and everything being able to transform. How did you decide to go with the kind of 'painted' art style? Did you know you wanted to make a fully transformable environment before you landed on this art style?
@jakecrump We had the idea early on in the process to build a surreal world where things could transform. We did some concept art (http://www.futureunfolding.com/p...) to figure out how the world should look and feel. To achieve the painterly style, we decided to build the world using particles, which in turn made it easier and more believable to change objects and animals from one thing to another.
@jakecrump @andreaszecher yes, the idea of having a fully dynamic world came first and then we developed the style from there right after. When you want a top down view and a lot of sprites moving around, you will end up pretty quickly with objects made of stacked layers. :)
We just launched a Greenlight campaign for Future Unfolding on Steam: http://www.futureunfolding.com/g...