Future Jobs

Discover machine learning, AI, and data science jobs

A single place on the web to find the best jobs in machine learning, AI, data science, and more.

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Hey ProductHunt! Excited to release Future Jobs today. This is one of the new products from the team at Tiny (http://tiny.website/) and joins our family of job boards, including We Work Remotely, Unicorn Hunt, Designer News and more. We wanted a place on the web that was heavily focused on the jobs of the future, jobs that will (and are) powering the next wave of technology. We hope you like it!
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It's been super interesting watching the Tiny network expand, @awilkinson. Historically you've been focused on acquiring companies but Future Jobs was built from from scratch. Are you planning to incubate more sites/properties in-house? How do you decide whether to build vs. buy?
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Hey @awilkinson, Can you tell us more about Future Jobs. Is it different from other job boards?
@jacqvon The main difference is the focus. We want to make Future Jobs the best place on the web to find the jobs of the future.