Future Investor

A course on investing using new online platforms

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A really interesting course by @meshlakhani who teaches asset allocation at General Assembly and manages investments for his family office. This goes into the best ways to leverage modern investing platforms / opportunities such as Wealthfront, Angellist and Fundrise. Quick q for Meshal: Is the course intended for individuals of a certain net worth? What kind of savings / amount available for investing do you recommend someone has available before finding merit in this course?
@ankurnagpal Thanks for the intro! This course is the first part of a series, and is meant for anyone. It's an introduction into investing, so you don't necessarily have to have any money to invest. That said, the first platform we cover requires a minimum of $5,000, but I will be adding a platform that requires as little as $100 to invest soon. We'll be introducing future courses for different levels of net worth in the future.
hmm. interesting concept; but this first course is SUPER basic. two sections on wealthfront (which has pretty good tutorials already) including a video on the signup process...
@_jacksmith Yes, it is super basic. The next courses will be more advanced. This for people who no concept of investing, and don't even know what Wealthfront is. The sign up process can still be confusing to people who don't understand the questions. We'll be adding more to this intro class. Appreciate the feedback.
@meshlakhani I look forward to seeing the future content
@_jacksmith Will keep you posted! Look forward to your feedback.
@meshlakhani It looks like the first course is half off now, will all courses be $199. My only feedback right now is that given the basic nature of the first one, that price seems a little high for the beginner. Obviously time will tell and I'm sure you'll adjust accordingly. You do make a few of the sections free as it is now.
@twalling This basics course will be $99, and I will be adding to it. Future classes will be more advanced and cover other platforms and will be higher in price as they'll be much more content. I will adjust accordingly and it will be based on feedback. Appreciate the comment.