Future Flights

Easy and fun way to pick your next journey

We know how does it feel when you want to fly away somewhere but don’t know where exactly. Usually it takes hours and several open tabs to find best fit.
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Oh. Now this is going to be a fun one to test. PS: Love the intuitive UX @tamila_feldman @mikepanyushkin
@elizabethhunker really appreciate your help 🙏
Love the UX. Any timeline on supporting roundtrip prices, even if it's just an approximation?
@sir_seim great 🙏 Round trips are 100 percent must have in the next version.
Hello, 👋 My name is Michael and I am the founder of Future Flights. This MVP has created to understand whether the extended filters + the option to use them at ones, add and create personal filter will help our users to make quick decision. The idea is to show as many options as it could be, with more additional valuable info. Your venerable feedback will be really appreciated 🙏
Nice work, @mikepanyushkin. I'm curious how you're crowdsourcing meta data such as "best fixed internet" and "startupers friendly".
@rrhoover thank you! We have been inspired by @levelsio and Nomad List in specific. We decided to rely on open data we could find over the net. For instance, "best fixed internet" is the combination of speed test insights and internet usage statistics. The "startupers friendly" index is the combination of several metrics including amount of startups launched per year, coworkers index, community feedback & others. Worth to mention that we want to check the idea is it possible to have a decision based on a filters and sorters aggregated in one service and then take a big step on the way of making data more precise. Would you take a decision based on filters of this kind?