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Hey everyone! This is a great resource to learn how to angel invest, but also to get in the mind of the investor. The reason the class is free is because I honestly believe there needs to be investment education in this space (among others). I also wanted entrepreneurs to see how investors think. Featured video interviews with some great investors. Feel free to ask me anything. Thanks!
@meshlakhani this is really interesting/valuable as someone who eventually wants to get into early stage investment. Please let me know if I can ever help with anything!
@abityastunggal thanks for the support!
@meshlakhani Great course. If you'd like to update it in the future so it's not just focused on one investing platform, then SeedInvest has a full online course on making startup investments without paying the 10% or 20% upside carry that AngelList charges: https://www.seedinvest.com/academy/
I had the privilege of taking an early version of the course and as a founder I found it quite valuable to get into the mind of these super successful investors. While billed for investors, this course is can be taken by anyone who just wants to learn more about crowdfunding. Mesh does a great job of weaving together the nitty gritty with the high level stuff. Also, his voice is silky smooth, so you'll actually enjoy listening to the courses.
@joeconte Thanks for the support!
Having some background in Venture Capital, I thought this would mostly be review for me. I was pleasantly surprised with how dense the information was, and how valuable the insights from Naval, Paige Craig & Rick were. Definitely will recommend this course to others. P.S. Fedora is neat - have they been featured on PH yet?
@dshan @tonigemayel Appreciate the compliment on Fedora Toni. We were on way back in the day, but considering getting on for our V2.
@tonigemayel A little background about Fedora on PH: https://medium.com/art-marketing...
I've found that watching shark tank has been a great way to understand how investors think and value deals.
At the risk of sounding like a freeloader, I have to say I was disappointed to follow the link and see it ask to register and with a payment information 'tab?' waiting behind. I understanding the possible marketing reasons behind this, but it goes against my grain (may be it's just me) - so I dropped out. I'd reconsider if the "registration" part is dropped; even when there's payment involved.
@sastrytumuluri the course is free. No gimmicks or anything else relating that vibe. Your feelings towards it are personal.
@meshlakhani Just to be clear: "I'd reconsider if the "registration" part is dropped". But yeah, I hear you. Good luck.