Calendar events around the clock

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I remember reading in How To Build A Billion Dollar App how @georgeberkowski believes there is a Billion $ app in a calendar app... although it probably won't be a calendar as we know it today. I asked him via Twitter whether he thought Sunrise would be that app, he said no (as did I) - then it was acquired. @maticleb & @mtvmeta I highly recommend reading the book as will give you a cool thought process around a calendar. This looks really visual and I will make myself try it out. I'm not much of a calendar person beyond Google Calendar on my mac but I'm not sure whether that is just because I find calendar apps clunky. I like being organised so I just need the ease to go with it.
@bentossell Thanks Ben for the reading hint! It sounds like a must. We kinda had the same problem with the use of a calendar, and we tried to re-think it in a better way for day-to-day use. Future is still 1.0, so we see a lot of opportunities further down the road. I hope you will find it useful! :)
@maticleb I tried to look into it too... One of the big things I was looking at was just to see a time when all my friends were free, click a button and everyone gets a notification to go for a beer at Xpm on Friday for example... That also depends on whether my friends kept their calendars up to date.
@bentossell Yeah, sure collaborative functions are also key. The current version of Future allows shared calendars via system calendar integration, but we are already thinking of other collaborative functions. We also have some use cases where people use Future (as a viewer) with other calendar software that is currently more integrated in their workflow, and thus they already use it frequently (and hence update it more often).
This could be an awesome Android Wear watch face. 'Albumen' and 'Runway' use similar ideas for example: http://us2.co/ustwosmartwatchfaces
@tollerton I know Ustwo is active in this field :) And the designs you guys make are pretty awesome, so kudos to you! (i read the articles about Wear design at your page) :) And yes. we also have future plans for Future in this area, sure!
@maticleb @tollerton If there was a "sign up" option on the webpage for a future Android\watch version, I'd sign up. Will just have to add it to my "Future watchlist". Nice design.
@moravtchik @tollerton Thanks :) This is a very good idea!
So cool to see this, will certainly be giving it a go! I made a wall clock following the idea of circular time, so it's great to see a version I can actually use - http://www.robertbye.com/design/...
@robbyedesign Thanks Rob! Will take a closer look. I checked briefly and I see you have done some research as well - interesting and helpful! :)
@maticleb @robbyedesign I did it whilst at uni so take all the findings with a pinch of salt!
@robbyedesign Every effort/contribution counts. :)
We could drag and drop events to reorder them and drag the start or the end time of an event.
A slightly different visual representation of time and activities during a day.