Futuramo Icons

More than 46,000 vector icons for different OS

Futuramo Icons is a free icon library with a built-in customization app offering more than 210 user interface vector icons (2900 in a PRO version) in 16 unique styles. That gives you a total of 46,000+ icons!

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Special deal for PH Community! 50% off Icons PRO for 1-year subscription. Please ask for a promo code via the comments and we’ll get back to you!
@zofiadunikowska I would like to have a discount code, is there any remained >.
@zofiadunikowska Hi @dtlvan :) Please check out your twitter notifications ;)
@zofiadunikowska is it too late for that discount? I somehow missed this when it first came out.
@zofiadunikowska @nicksimard It's never too late to ask! I'd be happy to send you a coupon Nick, just check out your Twitter :-)
Hi guys! 😉 I'm a designer at Futuramo 🚀 Just wanted to share with you some of the app's main features: - Unique Style Matrix: 4 different weights and 4 different roundings - Frames (borders and backgrounds): all icons can have frames with borders and backgrounds, you can choose from square to round, from thin to thick. - Apply colors to frames, backgrounds, and icons independently - Formats: SVG, PNG, Text (SVG), Icon Webfonts, SVG Sprites, and SVG Icon Sheets for AI - Color Picker lets you choose by RB or HSV, CMYK or HEX Hope you'll enjoy the app! Please share with us your thoughts and feedback 💬 😉
Nice Halloween icons :)
@oleg_avrah thanks! They're available for free, so you can get all of them simply by signing up :-)
Really well put together. Love the interactions here, and so many great options.
Thank you so much!