Futuramo for Startups

Power up your startup with team collaboration apps

Futuramo collaboration apps let you run your projects from start to finish.

With Futuramo Tasks, Visual Tickets and Time Tracker, you can monitor project progress, manage tasks, report bugs, and track work time. All within one unified platform.

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Zofia Dunikowska
Co-Founder @ ownetic.com
Hi Hunters! Futuramo collaboration apps are perfect for teams of developers, designers and marketers working on client projects. Let's dig into how they work: 👉 Set up projects and assign members (Futuramo Projects) 👉 Create, share and complete tasks with co-workers or collaborators (Futuramo Tasks) 👉 Use tickets to report bugs, request changes or feedback (Futuramo Visual Tickets) 👉 Monitor performance and track time spent on tasks and tickets (Futuramo Time Tracker) Futuramo for Startups 🦄 We're giving away 3 free months for an unlimited number of users and an 80% discount afterward. If you're interested, sign up for Futuramo and let us know!
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Alain PascalWeb Development | Entrepreneurship
This look pretty awesome!! Any plans for mobile application in the near future?
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