Fuse (Pre-launch)

Android/iOS dev platform

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James Mundy
James MundyHunter@_jamesmundy · CTO @ SailConnect
A new cross platform development tool that has similarities to Unity and Xamarin. Code is written in a dialect of C# (compiled to native code) and layouts can be designed in a design tool or coded in what appears to be a dialect of XAML. Some of the animations they've built in the video (above) look impressive but I'll take that with a pinch of salt until I see the actual product. The most impressive thing from my first impressions is the UI designer which seems to take some cues from Expression Blend which I've found to be far better than the iOS and Android interface designer tools.
Maksim Petriv
Maksim Petriv@talkaboutdesign · Founder of Design Hunt
What's the point in posting a beta signup if it's not available yet. Isn't that against the rules in Product Hunt?
James Mundy
James MundyHunter@_jamesmundy · CTO @ SailConnect
@talkaboutdesign I've seen other people post pre-launch products so I'm not sure on the rules. Oh well. http://www.producthunt.com/#!/s/...