See furniture in your house before you buy

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My mom will love this. @drew23 - Did you set out to build an app to visualize furniture in your home? I'm curious to hear how the product has evolved.
We just thought that the biggest friction of buying furniture was this question "How would this look in (name of the room)?" So we built a prototype using the simplest furniture w/ the broadest appeal: Ikea. We even called it Ikea Now. Did we get their permission? Nope. We just wanted to test this concept and knew it would take forever getting it through them. 4 weeks later, we launched it. But Apple featured us. Then the press picked us up. Oh boy. Quickly, we discovered that people don't furnish their entire homes loyal to a specific brand and they wanted a variety. Long story short (interesting talks w/ the Ikea legal team, more press, working w/ other retailers & 300k users later), we quickly adapted and now we are here :)
@drew23 I like the motivation for Furnish and its potential! Are you looking for help with the app's design (UX and/or UI)? If so, email me and I'll share work samples: lukebornheimer@gmail.com
@LukeBornheimer Thank you. We're always open to discovering talented people! Will email you soon.