Funny or Die Weather

Ditch your stupid, boring, old weather app

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Both comedic and useful. Has some similarities to the GIF-powered Poncho cc @huangkuan
Hey folks! I do Product at Funny Or Die and we're really excited to be launching our new weather app. Our goal was to make an otherwise mundane task a little more enjoyable. Hit me up with any questions or suggestions!
Contrats @alans, Weather has been moved into my "Poo Emoji" folder of pre-installed Apple Apps and FOD Weather has a homepage slot... for now... You best be funnier every day or you too shall be "poo'd" - or deleted if you suck extra hard. Just saying.
@duanewilsonsf Right on, Duane! Honored to have the prime slot. Our comedy brains are hard at work.
If I wouldn't use Authentic Weather app since two years I would be impressed about the fresh take on the weather (: But it's good to see some competition in the space!
@schneidertobias Hey Tobias. Thanks for checking ours out. Definitely aware of Authentic and like how they do it. But I think you'll find we have a lot more content.
Doesn't convert to Celsius properly =/ bummer
@will_lam thanks for the heads up, Will. Working on a fix right now.
@alans on another note.. how does get an interview, let aloneinterview for a role at Funny or Die? Do you have to crack a few jokes to pass a litmus test? Would LOVE TO KNOW! 😜
@will_lam Hey Will, we're actually searching for a product manager right now. Feel free to email me your info: - jokes are always welcome ;)