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Thanks for hunting us @bramk! We’ve built Funnster after hosting many get togethers & parties and trying out different tools to help us in the process. While there are many out there, none of them actually solve the problem. So, after having spoken to tons of hosts to learn from their experiences we've built Funnster. You can use it for potlucks, road trips, housewarmings, picnics, pool parties, dinner parties and much much more, anything you do with a close group of friends. Our goal is to bring people together through a seamless experience, both on their phone and offline, to actually be together and meet with their friends and family in real life. We are still adding features on a weekly basis based on feedbacks. We’re really interested to hear your thoughts and recommendations, thanks!
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Cool'ing good! @noniisrael Is there an option to cover event cost by the friends who joined?
@ereztal1 Yes sir! We have payments completely functional. You can set a set price for each guest and they can pay within the app.
@noniisrael Love this app! The team is top notch & dedicated to making get-togethers with friends easy so we can all see people we care about more often! They have tons of helpful features like inviting ppl & collecting RSVPs over text, splitting costs w/out hassle, coordinating who brings what easily & they're always adding more, based on feedback from the community. Highly recommend checking them out! #productsIlove
@gluciano @noniisrael Thanks for the insights why you like this app - if you simply want to meet for a coffee, would you find it helpful when you get directions to your meeting like offers?
Don't know if anyone cares but - We built this app cross platform using React Native We used tabs and not spaces (Any tech questions can be directed to @kfir_golan) We also made a very very very low budget commercial. <3
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As someone who hosts friends regularly I love every aspect about this app. Not to mention the coolest team in town!
This is like Canva, but for creating awesome get-togethers with friends and family. Simply create your event page in a few simple steps, invite your peepz and you’re good to go! It also has AI tech that will help you organize your event and communicate with your guests :) @NoniIsrael can tell you more!
A group of friends from work use it constantly to arrange dinners and birthday parties, so I'm only familiar with one aspect of the product (invitee). Paying to share the costs was really simple, and the entire process was quick. 👍👍
@nirbenita Awesome! Thanks for the kind words :)