Automatic upload of cost data to Google Analytics

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Funnel is a marketing analytics tool that integrates with all advertising platforms and allows you to visualize your data anywhere you want. With Google Analytics Cost Upload you will get your advertising cost, impressions and clicks from all of your advertising platforms automatically uploaded to Google Analytics every day. Get started now!



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Fredrik Skantze
Fredrik SkantzeMaker@fredrikskantze · CEO and Co-Founder
When we talked to marketers in 70 different countries they all pretty much said the same thing. There are lots of tools available to help them make and optimize ads for different advertising platforms. But when it comes to analyzing and reporting on the performance of their marketing at the end of the month they were all exporting data from the ads platforms and Google Analytics and putting it into a spreadsheet. This is a lot of work, error prone and you only have up to date data infrequently. We built to address this problem. Funnel connect to all (and we really mean all, irrespective of what they are) your advertising platforms and pulls down the data. You can then choose whether to have it uploaded to Google Analytics on an ongoing basis or whether also to pull in your Google Analytics data into Funnel so you can do analysis and create dashboards and reports there. The three most common things customers say when we onboard them and show them their dashboards are "sweet," "awesome" and "this is going to save me so much time." We hope you like it too! Fredrik Skantze CEO and Co-Founder of
Nash H
Nash H@nash_h · Paid Media @ Element Three
Looked at funnel in the past and it is a legit data aggregator. Does exactly what it says and if you're in marketing its super helpful.
ProminentKyle@prominentkyle · VP Of Marketing, Cable Ties Unlimited
The unfortunate reality with programs like this is the fact that rarely do they ever live up to our expectations. This has forced us into the "free trial" mindset, where we rarely sign up for something unless we have the opportunity to try it first. I'm keeping this bookmarked, I'll check back occasionally to see if you are offering a trial. Love the idea, definitely need something like this! Good luck
Fredrik Skantze
Fredrik SkantzeMaker@fredrikskantze · CEO and Co-Founder
@prominentkyle Totally agree with this and really pleased to hear that you like the concept. One of our largest challenges is to get through the clutter and noise of promises in marketing technology and advertising analytics. We solve a simple problem: We pull in your advertising data and match it up with your Google Analytics data. If we don't currently support all your advertising platforms (and rarely is there a perfect match given that there are thousands if not tens of thousands or different platforms) we build out support for it at no extra charge. Pulling in data from lots and lots of sources and mapping the data is our expertise. For our Dashboards and Reporting product we do offer a free trial. For our Google Analytics Upload product there is really no need to trial as it is pretty clear what it is going to do. We do however offer a month on month subscription and a money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the result - no questions asked. What advertising platforms are you using currently and how are you measuring the results?
Michael Frank
Michael Frank@michaelwfrank · Startups and growth
Like the idea. Any plans for free trial?
Juuso Lyytikkä
Juuso LyytikkäMaker@juusolyytikka · Head of Growth at
@michaelwfrank Hi Michael. As @fredrikskantze mentioned above we do offer a free trial for our Dashboards and Reporting product. Our Google Analytics Upload product is pretty unambiguous, so there really is no need for a free trial. We do however offer a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied. So basically you could consider our money back guarantee as a free trial.
Juuso Lyytikkä
Juuso LyytikkäMaker@juusolyytikka · Head of Growth at
Hi there! Just wanted let everybody know that we have updated our pricing plan and are offering free trials for both our Google Analytics Upload and Dashboards & Reporting product. Enjoy! @prominentkyle @michaelwfrank