The best alternatives to SimpleFunnel are Stripe, Unstack, and Narrative BI. If these 3 options don't work for you, we've listed over 10 alternatives below.
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Best alternatives to SimpleFunnel
  • Accept payments, send payouts, automate financial processes, and ultimately grow revenue.
  • Grow faster with our free, lightning fast no-code platform for building beautiful marketing websites and landing pages that ship with integrated A/B testing, forms & contacts, full-funnel metrics, and one-click integrations.
  • Narrative BI is a no-code analytics platform for growth teams that automatically generates actionable data insights.
  • is on a mission to make it as easy as possible for businesses to involve their customers in meaningful digital interactions. Our AI-powered online form builder leverages AI to automate the creation, personalization & analysis of forms, surveys, quizzes & calculators. When embedded into their websites, our content helps businesses increase conversions and collect better data.
  • The Open Source & low-code solution for money movements ⚡️ Build any payment scenario using pre-built use case templates 🚀 Operate all your money flows between pay-ins and pay-outs 🔗 Track every transaction on a reliable system-of-record (ledger)
  • Dwolla gives businesses the ability to access reliable payments infrastructure without needing to navigate the complexities of the ACH Network. Get a feel for how our technology can take your payments experience to the next level:
  • Cashfree is a full stack payments solution. It helps Indian businesses accept and send money and is used by 15000 businesses for vendor payouts, wage payouts, bulk refunds etc. Cashfree is next generation payment gateway that is easy to integrate and supports instant refunds.
  • Ever wondered how you should market your startup? Answer a few questions that get to the heart of your startups' offer, market and customers. Get sent a visual marketing funnel, with the channels/tactics that are working for startups like yours.
  • TransferCrane (formerly MagicPay) is the fastest way to collect credit card payment. Please visit to access service.
  • The simplest way to send and receive business-to-business payments. ✅ Send payments to vendors with just an email ✅ Get paid faster and keep track of unpaid invoices ✅ Automatically update your accounting software of choice
  • Accept payments anywhere online, no coding required. PriceBlocs helps you close more sales in any channel through our super low friction payment links. Accept Apple Pay and Google Pay in just a few clicks.
  • Simple cash solution to send bills and collect payments.
  • Collect credit card payments with Stripe & PayPal
  • Funneljoy lets you create highly optimized landing pages and sales funnels with no code at all. Just drag and drop. You get to even import external pages you love and edit to fit your purpose.
  • CL1CK Analytics analyses web visitors' behavior and provides AI-driven solutions. 🚀 Raw Data to Actionable Solutions 🚀 Automated Industry Benchmarking 🚀 Problem Flagging With Anomaly Detection 🚀 Understand User Intent With Mouse Interaction Analysis