Start a small crowdfunding campaign to prove product demand

Funduf is a tool that helps you start a small crowdfunding campaign to prove demand for any kind of product before you spend time on it

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Hello Product Hunters πŸ˜ƒ With your support, today we are launching our first iteration of Funduf, a tool that helps independent makers to set up small crowdfunding campaigns (up to $1000). 🌎 Our story My friend Ihor has a dig experience in side-project selling. We had a conversation and he mentioned there is enough information to write a 50-page guide. But there is a lack of motivation. A few months later I suggested him to set up a small crowdfunding campaign to prove demand for such the guide. He agreed. That's how we started Funduf as a simple widget for Ihor's blog πŸ“Œ Current stage After a month of development, we have a simple backend to set up crowdfunding campaigns with Stripe. Two live campaigns are collecting money for Ihor and Maria We have a few more agreements with makers and hope to publish their campaigns soon. ❓ Open questions We decided to launch the project publicly to get your feedback that can help us focus on specific niches and improve the service. Should we focus on digital products only or even on some specific digital products? What should we build next: integration with email services, other payment providers, a Wordpress plugin, something else? I'm open for your questions, comments or feature requests. Thanks πŸ™
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@dimamoldav Great concept, it's extremely valuable when it comes to raising money for websites and smaller kinds of projects.
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@tcodinat Thank you! Do you know any maker who needs a crowdfunding campaign for a project?
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Interesting. I'm working on a course right now and collecting preorders. Might want to try that.
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@romanzadyrako Great! Looking forward to set up a campaign for your course.
Interesting, it's like a really lightweight version of Kickstarter. Love how you can embed the widget on your site.
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@craigjbarber Thanks Craig. I'm not sure if it will be a widget-first service. Now it is :)
@dimamoldav @lumilevskyi What do you use to process transactions? Stripe? I couldn't figure.
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@lumilevskyi @amrith Yes, we use Stripe.
And we did it. We launched the tool for makers same day when @rrhoover and the team launched their tool for makers πŸ˜…
@dimamoldav :)) . Yeah, bad timing :D @rrhoover should announce his submissions few days earlier :P
@dimamoldav Is there any customization available for the widget?
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@horseauthority_ please describe what you need to customize and I will let you know if that's possible.
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@dimamoldav That's so nice. I was thinking colors for instance, to match our site background/buttons/etc - and font. ;) And, any chance of Paypal?
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@horseauthority_ got it. 1. Color: background and button β€” possible. 2. Font β€” possible if it's a free font. 3. Paypal β€” not possible, i'm sorry.
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