Fundraising Field Guide

Field guide for early stage high-growth companies

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Carlos EspinalMaker@cee · Partner
Just to provide a little bit of context, I wrote the book because of the stories that I witnessed as part of working with early-stage founders, and thought that by sharing them, it would help others avoid some of the challenges. Additionally, I wanted to find a way of supporting founders from across different ecosystems. I also wanted to highlight non-tech-startup social entrepreneurship, so that's why I chose the donate-if-you-like-the-book model. By choosing Tearfund, HopeHIV, and Spear, each which support key areas of education, communal micro-loans, and mentoring, the hope is the book can indirectly help these causes as well as all donated funds go directly to them.
Dan Gray@dan_e_gray · Minimum Viable Person
Fantastic resource, released with an admirable model. What's not to love. :)
Carlos EspinalMaker@cee · Partner
@dan_e_gray Thank you Dan!
Sten Tamkivi@seikatsu · VP @MOVE Guides. Teleport, a16z, Skype.
Well done, @cee - read the book, love your down to earth and simple style and practical tips. More importantly, have recommended this to two founders in early seed raising conundrums just today. And this is just day 1, you'll be saving many a gray hair and sleepless nights for young founders in weeks and years to come.
Carlos EspinalMaker@cee · Partner
@seikatsu Thank you so much for the words of encouragement Sten!
Rob Williger@robertwilliger · CEO of Cited, Inc. |Writer|Speaker
I downloaded this last night and started to read it. Looks like some pretty useful information on raising money.
Carlos EspinalMaker@cee · Partner
@robertwilliger Thank you for your support and the charities appreciate it too! Please feel free to leave feedback on Amazon (or wherever you downloaded it from)!
Ricardo FayetHiring@ricardofayet · Co-founder, Reedsy
As a proofreader for the Fundraising Field Guide, I've been able to read the book a couple of times, and as a startup founder who's just been through the experience of raising a first seed round, I can definitely vouch for the book. It's simple, clear, with clever analogies that make the process seem less daunting, and easier to understand. Definitely a must-read for first-time founders or for anyone looking to raise a seed round!
Carlos EspinalMaker@cee · Partner
@ricardofayet Thanks Ricardo!