Tech company valuations visualised


FundingPath collects funding and valuation data of famous tech companies and shows their growth trajectory visually.

In the future, other company metrics such as headcount, revenue and user numbers will be added to the company profiles.

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Jan König
Ha Duong
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  • Alex Vlasov
    Alex VlasovLogic peddler

    With-a-glance intuition at funding growth rates


    Needs more companies!

    It's really nice to have easy to look at graphs showing the trajectory of the funding that these companies managed to raise, sources are quickly consultable and it's interesting to get a sense of where these companies are headed, and especially how new ones in the future might grow.

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  • Christopher Aumueller
    Christopher AumuellerCEO & Founder at FanWord

    - Easy to use

    - Great layout


    - Quantity of companies

    As a tech startup founder myself, I have always been interested in the funding rounds of various tech startups. Super cool to now have a resource that does deliver these information. Can't wait to see more companies on your platform. Keep up the great work

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  • Johnyvino
    JohnyvinoHumanizing User Experience

    Its simple and clean


    I want to see failure companies also

    Compare option can be included

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  • Michael Ding
    Michael DingCofounder, Lucid

    Visualizes many companies


    Wishes there were more

    Saw this before on IndieHackers, really like it

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  • Pros: 

    Great design, intuitive to use.


    Early in the development cycle, so just core functionalities.

    Great resource for getting a feel of a companies development!

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