Fundamental UI Design

A free course about UI design principles and best practices

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Designing screens that are logical, easy to use, and beautiful has never been more important. Users recognize good design versus bad, and make product usage decisions based on that new understanding. Very happy to release our 2nd e-course to the community. This one is packed full of really insightful and practical UI design practices, tips and tricks that will help sharpen our respective UI skill sets! Big thanks to Jane at UI Breakfast for working on this with me—really appreciate her work.
Hey friends, Jane here — the author :) It's a beautiful collaboration, I'm so glad the course is finally live. Please enjoy reading!
You'll learn about design process mastery, hierarchy, designing user behaviors, information architecture, responsive design, navigation and control design, conversion, onboarding, and visual style
I'd prefer something tiny like :)
@_yannbertrand Yep, say hi to Justin :)
@theclairbyrd and @uibreakfast thanks so much for this course. Enjoying it. @theclairbyrd You said you've released 2nd course. Which was the first one? I may have missed it.