Function with Anil Dash

Exploring the way today's technology influences culture

Function is the new podcast from Vox Media + Glitch about how technology is shaping culture & communications.

Host and Glitch CEO, Anil Dash, sits down with the developers behind some of the world’s best-known apps, games and services, and also talks with users, critics and culture experts to unpack the effects of these features.

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We're excited to launch our new podcast, Function. In the first episode, we explore the concept of commodifying culture through video games. We talk with Ty Robinson, a former game animator for Konami's Dance Dance Revolution, about the technology behind putting dance moves into video games. And we also speak with Brooklyn rapper 2 Milly, an artist at the center of the controversy surrounding Epic Games' and their use of his dance, the Milly Rock.
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@_gw Thank you for this timely look at tech influencing culture by their choices. One of the topics I'd like to see you cover is tech and inclusion of disabled people in product design--more likely how product design by most tech companies leave out people with disabilities.
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@ppatel1 That's a really great suggestion, thanks @ppatel1 - I'll flag it to the team.
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Ryan Hoover
Founder, Product Hunt
Adding to my podcast queue!
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Yasser AnsariInto interfaces
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Jeremy Bauer
Writer + Arts Instructional Designer
Oh man, I almost missed this! Stoked to subscribe 🎏 🔊 ✨ ✨ !