fullPage 3.0

The biggest open source JS library for snap scrolling sites.

fullPage 3.0 is the brand new and fully rewritten version of the fullPage library.

Bye bye jQuery dependency!

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3 Reviews5.0/5
I'll admit, sites which hijack my scrolling usually drive me insane, but you can tell when it's with fullpage, because full-page scrolling feels downright pleasant. Awesome job on 3.0 Álvaro!
Hey guys! I'm Alvaro, the creator of fullpage.js! I'm really excited to announce this huge change in fullPage! I've been working hard on it for the past few months, writing unit tests, rewriting the whole library, all its extensions, examples etc. - Completely rewritten - No jQuery dependency anymore! - Yet, it includes a jQuery adapter! - Fully compatible API with v2.X, so it is easy to update! Oh, and in case you want to know a bit about fullPage.js and where it is now: I created fullPage as a side project while I was working. Never did I expect how popular it would become! I kept working on it for more than 3 years and at some point I noticed it required more than than the one I was putting on it. We all know those abandoned and lonely projects on Github right? Well, I definitely didn't want to see fullPage.js ending that way. I though fullPage had potential to become something much bigger. But... my job was taking my time for it! It was last year in June when I decided to quit my web developer job in Cambridge, UK, to dedicate full time to fullPage.js. Since then there's not a single day in which I don't think of how lucky I am to be able to work in something I'm passionate about: my own software product! I've been working on different aspects of it since then, focusing on improvements all over the spectrum, form the site itself, SEO, marketing, adding wrappers for different components like Vue.js or React, translating the documentation into other languages like Korean, Chinese, Russian, Spanish... And of course, it was time for the big change. The change everybody was asking for: getting rid of the old good jQuery. Let me know your thoughts on it! Any feedback, good and bad, will be appreciated! This is my second time posting in producthunt! :) (And probably not the last!)