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Since I've been involved with tech I've seen @laurenholliday_ everywhere 😃 You can read the post around this launch here: Fuck College, Get Money Its a subject that comes up a lot in tech but for me, I loved university and I wouldn't recommend missing it to anyone... It was such an awesome experience for so many things. Different people, different things I guess!
@bentossell Thanks for sharing =)
I could be a part of Lauren's adventure almost from the beginning of this project, we talked a lot and she worked damn hard to make this happen. Though I'm a programmer, after viewing her site (which she created in LIGHTNING SPEED) I almost wanna take her course. I'm pretty sure it's an amazing life lesson for anyone :)
@noxowe Thanks Laszlo! You're seriously the best. =)
Here's a girl who gets it. Don't waste your $$$ on a piece of paper that's just gonna sit in your file cabinet. Do something that's going to help you build a life for yourself. Lauren this is BAD-ASS.
@winsomewriting You're the freakin' best.
@winsomewriting - a college degree says you've jumped through a few hoops and paid dearly to do so. Bustin' ass says you've jumped through hoops and were willing to get paid to do so.
Excited to see @laurenholliday on Product Hunt ever since we crossed paths on Medium!! Good luck!! Wish you all the best!!
@laurenholliday That's so nice! Thank you @debbiediscovers =)))
Radtastic stuff @laurenholliday_ You are running circles around us these days :)