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Fryup is a simple and convenient recipe bookmarking app. The perfect place to store and organise recipes you discover online. Save recipes directly from your web browser, share them and never lose them in bookmarks again.
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Hey Product Hunters! Have you ever found a recipe you'd like to cook at the weekend, only to get to the weekend and can't recall where you saved the recipe? We know we have. That's why we built Fryup - and it's available to download from the App Store as of today! With Fryup, you can easily import your favourite recipes directly from your mobile browser or anywhere else you can copy the recipes URL or use the iOS sharing tool. Organisation is key to fast recipe browsing. We’ve done our research and created an app that lets the user choose a handy cover image, name their recipes, share them and never lose them again with searching functionality. We are only just getting started, and the following is all in the pipeline: – Tags, so you can tag your recipes with meal type, food type or special dietary requirements – Profiles, so you can follow other users who have similar tastes to you – Discovery, so you spend less time looking for new recipes in the first place – Much more, but we don't want to give away all of our secrets ;-) We'd love to hear your feedback. We're so excited to have launched, and are looking forward to releasing future updates very soon!
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Congratulations. Will give it a try out.
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Looks really nice. Congrats.
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This looks great, any chance of an Android release in the future?
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@david_ramalho1 Definitely! If the launch goes well and we get the traction we need we will definitely be investing more time and resources into building an Android app, as well as a web app and Chrome extensions etc :D
Thank you!
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