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Have to say, if Apple cant get me to use their maps on my iPhone - I doubt I'd want to look at an Apple Map on my Mac πŸ™ˆ Will be interesting to see what comes out of this though
@bentossell Yeah, I saw an embedded Apple Map on the WWDC site yesterday and can't help but think what Apple's strategy is in terms of allowing developers to use the Maps API when Google Maps is 'the norm' and provides much more data.
@bentossell My thoughts exactly!
@bentossell if only Apple maps was useful. This space is owned by Google and should exclusively just have the single choice.
Nice. Competition in the mapping space is sorely lacking. I too use google maps as the default, but would love to see viable alternatives.
Cool! The tile loading is super slow though compared to Mapbox. btw @rrhoover how about a "maps/mapping" Topic? πŸ‘Œ
@benln @rrhoover yep working on it ;)
Oddly, Apple Maps is one of the more reliable offerings here in China. Google suffers from the position shift errors through it's use of non-licensed maps. Apple usually nails it in both map and satellite views. Where Apple fails is in it's use of different mapping providers depending on the IP of the client. For example, if I'm online with no VPN, I get recent accurate and detailed maps. If I'm using a VPN with an end point in the US, Apple uses a local, to the US endpoint, mapping provider whose maps can be years out of date. It looks like this offering is using Apple's US based provider. The satellite imagery is reasonably up-to-date but the maps look to be about ten years old.
Looks pretty sweet