Pretty URLs & custom domain for Notion, free & open source

Fruition lets you add pretty URLs, custom domains, Google Fonts, SEO support, and script injection to your Notion pages.
This is perfect for your portfolio, blog, landing page, or business site.
Completely free, no coding required, no lock-in, open source.
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Wow, just wow. Thank you so much for releasing Fuition - is is an absolute beauty to work with! I especially love the front end to auto-generate the cloudflare worker script. Previously, I had been creating notion powered sites two ways: 1. With an outdated cloudflare worker that does not support custom scripts or fonts (for my notion related work like or 2. With notion as a CMS for my gatsbyJs site (for my personal site I had created a guide ( for other notion lovers, and now will update my #1 solution with your resource instead. It's amazing! Thank you again. Would be amazing to see how your work could potentially impact my #2 solution as well πŸ˜›
@cryptolin πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
@stephenou After 24 hours of setting up and playing around, I'm even more impressed than before. Using Fruition, I've been able to add chatbots and email captures on all my notion pages, amazing! All that coupled with prettified URLs like ... no complaints. πŸ‘
@cryptolin wow! this is so great to see
@cryptolin WOW that sounds SUPER cool! I've been meaning to look into Gatsby because I love the concept of static sit generators (currently use Jekyll for my site) but I know zero JS so it'll probably take a while until I'm ready to play around with it effectively. Knowing that Notion can be used as a CMS with Gatsby is very motivating!
@cryptolin @anna_0x great! Let me know if you have any questions
Didn't expect to see this when I woke up this morning, thank you @rohov_dmytro ! Fruition is like an open-source version of Super. I built it because many people want custom domain for free with Notion. I also added pretty URLs which is unique to Fruition. So you can have clean URLs without the long Notion IDs (see and also pretty URL slugs for subpages (see The bonus is it's free and requires no coding knowledge to setup.
Great job! do this once and don't need to pay another (shall not name) service $50 a month for these features from then onwards
@_jacksmith to be fair to the other services, they are probably fully managed and the setup takes less time :)
This looks awesome! If I can get it to work, it'll be perfect for hosting a public roadmap for my side projects on Notion! Unfortunately, it's a little hard to get to work with subdomains. @stephenou, could you offer a little more guidance about how to get it to work with subdomains? For example, if I have the main domain's nameservers with Cloudflare, do I also need the subdomain that a worker is using to be proxied through Cloudflare? Edit: Just realized you do need to proxy the domain through Cloudflare if you want to use a Worker with it. I did that, pointing my subdomain to "", but it's still not working.
@panphora The only difference is 1) in the script generation form, enter and 2) in step 3.5, enter* in the Route field. feel free to email/DM me if you can't get to go.
@stephenou Woo! You're amazing! Step 2 had me tripped up β€” I put in without the trailing "/*" Thank you for your help!
@panphora great you got it working! i will update the instructions to emphasize the the `/*`.
Found it via thread in facebook. Cool! Notion will definitely have its future in building custom websites easy to maintain.
@rohov_dmytro thank you for sharing!