Frrole DeepSense is a tool for recruiters to automate talent assessment at the top of the funnel using candidates' soft skills derived from their public social activity.

Using an email ID/LinkedIn URL/Twitter handle/phone #, you can create profiles of candidates that include DISC+OCEAN assessment and other recruitment-related attributes.

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This is interesting. So if a person has no social media presence or almost zero, how is the person judged? Plus how do you correct for people who use social media as a shield or mask for who they really are in person?
@ajoke_emekene It is quite unlikely for someone to have no social presence in today's world. This is built for recruiters, and almost every job seeker tends to have a Linkedin profile at least, which is enough for the algorithm to do its work (90% of the time) Having said that, we do let our customers know that DeepSense does not provide its prediction if it cannot find enough public footprint of the individual. Hence they should keep in mind that this is something to assist them and automate manual, tedious parts of their job so that they can focus on better things (have a 15 minute culture fit call instead of 60 minutes if they are just trying to confirm algorithm's recommendations). It is not a replacement.
Thanks for hunting this @kwdinc. With this release, we have made DeepSense 360d useful for recruitment managers - a dashboard for automated shortlisting, a chrome extension for 'when you want, where you want' glimpse of candidate profiles and an API for integrations with all leading ATS products like Greenhouse, Lever etc. We are hearing pretty astonishing feedback from our private beta customers : 70-75% reduction in number of candidates to be processed, better fit with organizational culture and general improvement in the % of eventual top performers hired. Looking forward to user feedback from the amazing PH community, has always helped us go back and sharpen the product.
Please tell us more about about your product and how it's changing hiring @anshumanbaruah1 @amarpreetkalkat @pranshu_agrawal!
@abadesi Those Inc. and Recruiter articles would give you an idea. If you want to see how our users are putting it to use, then see The best way however? Signup on and give it a spin, it is a breeze I promise:)
Great job!! 😊 will check it out