Most advanced builder made for modern front-end developers

#2 Product of the DayMay 07, 2019
Meet the most advanced Web Builder made for modern Front-End Developers, a perfect tool to manage any web project. export your projects to Static (HTML,CSS,JS) or to React with a click! (more exports coming soon: vue.js , wordpress..)
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Hello Product Hunters! πŸ‘‹ This is my first launch on ProductHunt and I’m very excited to share this to to all you! 🀩 ❓ What's is Frontnd? Frontnd is a web builder made for modern front-end developers, a perfect tool to manage any web project with ease. 🍿 Features: - Create web/email/mobile/dashboard templates - Frontnd Blocks: modular blocks made html/css/js , edit once and update live everywhere - Live code editor - Smart Editing: click to edit on-the-fly titles, texts, images, links and more.. - Drag & drop builder trough pre-built blocks - Responsive: view your works in different screen sizes - Popular Frameworks: Bootstrap, Materialize, Foundation, Semantic UI and more… - Google Fonts: +50 popular fonts ready for you - Exports: export optimised code to Static or React - Manage all your assets in cloud or get inspired from Unsplash images with a click - Collaborative Reviews: ask feedbacks for your templates from any screen size - Web developer friendly: Preprocessors, Responsive, Import External Resources, Meta tags, SEO, Optimized code And more... πŸ›’ Marketplace - Free & premium templates with beautifully designed blocks ready to use e fully integrated in Frontnd Builder. - Best authors: high quality templates from greatest authors (CreativeTim, HTMLStream, DesignRevision) - More templates in next weeks! ⚑️ Powerful Exports Frontnd Builder coverts for you static projects to most popular frameworks, you have just to code HTML/CSS/JS (or through popular preprocessor languages) and export Static or React by simply clicking one button. More exports will be available soon and will let you convert any project to next favorite framework in seconds. Next exports: Vue.js, Wordpress ) Get ready to use clean and optimised code for your production needs 😎 πŸ“ Suggestions πŸ™ I’d love to get feedbacks and answer some questions!Β πŸ˜ƒ
@angelo_libero_mangieri Congrats on the launch! Looks great, and has a lot of potential. This sector will only keep booming. Don't give up, and keep updating stuff pragmatically. Good luck on the busy days ahead :)
Super cool - well done! I am looking forward to playing with this. I noticed a little bug. Site-wide, your Nucleo Icons font is being loaded over http:// instead of https:// and this is causing them to not load at all. To fix it, just make sure that these two files are loaded over SSL (ie. change http:// to https://) Good luck!
@brunocrosier Hi Bruno! I will take a look at that problem asap! And of course thanks for the support πŸ™ If you have any question or what to now more about just text me , I will be more than happy to answer you :)
@angelo_libero_mangieri grande, in bocca al 🐺 !
@angelo_libero_mangieri looks like the website is down, congrats on the traffic!
@avizuber πŸ˜…We didn't not expect that much traffic
I'm excited to build a lot with this, I'm building an ethereum web dapp, and this would really decrease our time to market by building in react.
Yaaaay man you did this! Super happy for you πŸ€—
@alexanderisora Thanks a lot bro! 😊