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I'm also a big fan of this list on github:
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@narekk, yeah, that list is pretty sweet. I find these niche curated list sites to be a little overkill when they just state the obvious name brand tools. The github list on the other hand is simple, passively collaborative (developers already know how to contribute to github), and easily accessible.
This looks pretty useful! Granted I'm not a front-end guy but curated lists = I love them. Anything to make my choices simpler.
Hi everyone, My name is Bhakti and I'm the maker of Front-End List. Front-End List is basically a curated list of toolkits, frameworks, & resources for front-end developer/designer. You can find the best tool, frameworks, or resources, even a website to learn front-end development. In the future, I want to add more lists and categories. I also think to create a rating system that rate by the community who use the front-end tools, and the top tools will show up in the top. If you have a suggestion or feedback, feel free to let me know. :)
@balapazz where can users recommend some tools/frameworks/resources on your site? I know for Marketing Stack, I had a lot of people emailing to suggest resources and tools!
@bentossell @balapazz Well, there's a feedback form right in the bottom left of the site.
@balapazz I saw 😏 but wasn't sure if this was for tools suggestions. Makes sense though πŸ˜‰
@bentossell @balapazz yeah, you're kinda right. But actually some people sent me suggestions from the feedback contact, so it's okay i guess :)
Meteor should be on this!
@jmsuth Yeah, next update mate :)
This is cool. @balapazz, Have you seen There are some good tools here that you may want to check out.