Fritz for Android

Mobile machine learning made simple, now on Android.

With Fritz for Android, it’s now easy to deploy, monitor, and manage machine learning models in your Android apps. Build intelligent, compelling ML-powered experiences using TensorFlow Mobile and TensorFlow Lite.

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Jameson Toole
Co-founder and CEO at Fritz
Hey Hunters! Today we’re incredibly excited to announce Fritz for Android! We’ve been helping iOS developers build intelligent machine learning powered apps, and now Fritz is making it easy to deliver the same experiences to the two billion Android users. Support for multiple platforms is a must-have for app developers these days. With Fritz, you can build native ML-powered experiences on any platform, such as Core ML on iOS, or TensorFlow on Android. Use Fritz to deploy, monitor, and manage TensorFlow Mobile and TensorFlow Lite models in your Android app. We know there are a lot of different Android devices out there, and it can be tough to understand performance on all of them. Fritz automatically measures your model to make sure it’s running smoothly for all of your users. Push fast over-the-air model updates so users can always have the benefits of your latest model. To get started with Fritz, check out our docs: When you’re ready, create an account here: If you’re interested in learning more about putting machine learning and AI into mobile apps, check out our publication Heartbeat: Thanks! - Fritz Team

This really streamlines the process of deploying deep learning models to android. Great Job!


Easy to setup and use


None that I know of