Search your Instagram posts

Need to find that post that used that #hashtag? Or @who you mentioned? Friski can do that!

Friski syncs with your Instagram account and allows you to search your posts. You can look for hashtags, usernames or any keyword and location.

All Instagram access and sync data is handled locally on your device in the Friski app.

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Hey @dr4gn, How does this differ from other similar products out there?
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@jacqvon Friski is just focused on searching within your own posts. This is (surprisingly) something that you can't do directly in Instagram. While you can do this kind of search if you sign up for an analytics service, that's overkill if all you want is to be able to find that pic you know you have. The alternative is scrolling through however many posts (100s? 1000s?) and hopefully not missing that photo along the way. And everything required for the search is self-contained in the app itself. Your Instagram access and data is stored on your iPhone in the app. It's not sent anywhere for processing, analysis or further slicing/dicing.
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