Know which friends are active and inactive!

The FriendFilter robots will crawl your Facebook page and report back on who is engaging with your page and who is not. You will be able to find the friends who are engaging with your posts, and automatically remove the friends who are not engaging.
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This is one of those things you didnt realise you needed it until you used it
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Great job!!๐Ÿ˜Š Will check it out
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This is just the tool that I needed for my Facebook! It helps me clear out the dead weight within my Facebook friends. I like how it tells me who is engaging and that I can easily see who to follow up with. I've never seen this data before anywhere else


Easy to use, fast, simple



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Definitely changing the game for a number of folks from what I have seen using this (in my feed). FriendFilter is super easy to use and a life saver for helping me clean up my friends list.
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So interesting @mikekolganov ! Congrats !
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